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The powder injection molding (PIM) process is a comparatively new process for the production of small, complex components in medium to large quantities. In recent years, PIM has established itself as a competitive technology for precision components whose production would be uneconomical with so-called machining processes such as milling, turning and drilling. The entire component is given its final geometry in just one work step, the filling of the injection mold. PIM is a special injection molding process, with which metal components (MIM: Metal Injection Molding) or ceramic components (CIM: Ceramic Injection Molding) are manufactured. MIM/CIM technology combines the design freedom of plastic injection molding with the material properties of metals and ceramics. A large number of components can be manufactured from metallic alloys ranging from steel and stainless steel to titanium, as well as from high-performance technical ceramics. The MIM/CIM process is particularly suited to the production of small, intricate parts with excellent mechanical characteristics.

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