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Social Responsibility

At Mebus MIM Technik, social responsibility is an integral part of our company culture.

The following guiding principles are at the core of our philosophy:

Human Rights and Legal Compliance
We respect human rights. We comply with all applicable laws, values and social norms in all countries with which we trade and where we operate
We neither tolerate nor support any discrimination on the basis of sex, age, ethnicity, nationality, handicap, social background or sexual orientation. Tolerance and respect towards all individuals are always at the center of our activities.
Child Labor
We condemn any kind of child labor and abide by all minimum age regulations.
Forced Labor and Corporal Punishment
We tolerate no forced labor, corporal punishment, harassment or threats of any kind.
We do not tolerate any kind of corruption.
Fair Wages and Work Time
Wages, benefits, and work time rules adhere at least to the valid local regulations.
Health- and Safety Regulations
We protect our employees from harm at their work place and support measures beneficial to employee health.

Social Responsibility

Download our social responsibility guiding principles here

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